The Cohan lab is made up of enthusiastic and hardworking researchers, from PhD candidates and Wesleyan graduates earning a 5th year Master’s degree to undergraduates.

Fred Cohan, PhD- Principal Investigator

Danny Krizanc, PhD- collaborater in Computer Science


Current graduate students

Sarah Kopac (PhD candidate)

Stephanie Aracena (Master’s student)


Current undergraduate students-Listed by seniority

Melanie Koren (Pre-med)

Jess Sherry (MB&B, Chem)

Diego Calderon

Mfundi Makama

Jon Chabon (Chem, MB&B)

Brianne Wiemann

Claire Conway (Biology)

Noor Tell

Shyam Desai










Past Students

Menherit Goodwyn

Carlos Francisco (BSc 2011, Computer Science)

Jane Wiedenbeck (MSc 2011)

Janine Petito (BSc 2011)

Alex Koeppel (PhD 2009)

Nora Connor (MSc 2008)

Liz Perry (MSc 2007)








Interested in joining our lab? Please contact Fred Cohan (